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 Wat is de rol van sociale innovatie in een kantelend Nederland?


Deze herfst start de Transition Academy samen met de Impact Hub Amsterdam een nieuwe internationale Masterclass over dit thema. In 5 dagen neemt de groep docenten met daarin o.a. Jan Rotmans, Marjan Minnesma (Urgenda), Sabine Oberhuber (Turntoo) en Edwin Jansen (The Natural Step), je mee in de wereld van maatschappelijke veranderingen, duurzaamheid en sociale innovatie.


Meer informatie over de masterclass Societal Transitions is te vinden op de website van de TransitionAcademy, onderdeel van DRIFT

(ENG) This October and December 2015, the Transition Academy present you a 4 1/2 day Masterclass for professionals, researchers, practitioners and other change makers. The course combines a critical, theoretical perspective on social innovation and its relation to long-term transformation, with pragmatic tools and insights from transition management and new business development.

We invite you: sustainability professionals, decision makers and teams,  social innovation leaders, convenors  of cross-sector dialogues and enablers of multistakeholder collaboration, corporate innovators and consultants, environmental managers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and programme managers.The course will bring participants a learning trajectory that combines intellectual input with active participation. More information about the Masterclass can be found here

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