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Message of hope

As the founder of transition studies in the Netherlands and the inventor of the integrated climate model worldwide, prof. Rotmans is an international authority in his field and a highly demanded speaker.

His lectures and masterclasses are related to the 11 transitions he has defined in the areas of energy, resources, agriculture and food, circularity, finance, spatial planning, healthcare, education, social affairs, democracy, and personal transition. He simplifies complex matters and makes them accessible, tailoring his speeches to the relevant theme for the client. With his broad knowledge and depth of understanding, he is one of the few who can formulate a customised vision for various sectors in transition and translate it into practice.

What’s really unique is his ability to make it personal—every transition starts with the individual, just as every revolution begins with the people. This approach can be confrontational and challenging, but moreover, it is motivating and inspiring. He makes people realise that taking action does make a difference. Therefore, prof. Rotmans is more than just a speaker – he is a passionate motivator. He inspires people and, more importantly, he activates his audience. He dispels the sense of powerlessness that people often feel.

Prof. Rotmans demonstrates that real change is possible and has the ability to ignite audiences. His lectures often lead to concrete follow-up actions within organisations. He instills hope that by harnessing our creative and innovative forces, we can emerge stronger from this period of chaos and crisis. Prof. Rotmans not only encourages different ways of thinking, he motivates people to make those changes.

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